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Mid July two Nepalese circus artists arrive in Oslo to start working on a very special and important project. Together with Sverre Waage (Cirkus Xanti) and Ali Williams (NOFit State Circus) they are going to develop a performance based on their own lives and skills.

Aman and Renu were both young children when they were sold as slaves to an Indian circus, alongside hundreds of other children from rural Nepal. They were beaten and abused in the most horrific ways.

The performance is set to premiere in the spring of 2017, but a “work in progress” will be presented to the audience at the Circus Village in August and September. Eventually, the goal is to embark on a world tour.


But with no support from the Arts Council Norway, the future is looking bleak. Ali and Sverre have both dug deep in their (rather empty) pockets to pay for the necessary visas etc., but we need help! In order to get this project going, we need to cover the costs for plane tickets, food, accommodation, and be able to pay Aman and Renu for their work. If we by any chance exceed our goal of $6000, the proceeds will go solely to the artists.

Please support, any donation is appreciated:
Prosjekt Kathmandont

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